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Clean Technology

In 2022, the environmental and clean technology products sector in valued at $67.5 billion in 2020, taking up 3.3% of the Canadian GDP. By 2025, the clean technology industry will become one of the top five exporting industries in Canada, with its value to $20 billion annually in exports, with a average growth rate of 11.4% per year. Ontario (34.3%), Quebec (28.8%) and British Columbia (15.3%) are the provinces that made the main contributions.

The world famous universities and research institutes in Canada include the Clean Energy Research Center in the University of British Columbia whose mission is to develop viable solutions for sustainable energy. The Clean Technology Research Institute of Dalhouse University establshed in 2017, which is one of facets of the university's support to the United Nation's 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

The national gross domestic products of the clean tech industry of Canada consists of four main products. figure in 2020 displayed that the environmental goods (clean energy and primary goods) took the most percentage, with the value of 28097 million dollars, followed by the clean technology services (scientific, construction and support services) at the value of 26594 million dollars. Environmental services (waste management and remediation services) accounted for 8392 million dollars and the clean technology (manufactured goods) accounted for 4405 million dollars.

Canada is positioned itself to sieze the opportunity of the innovative clean technology solutions. There is huge space for the emerging clean tech industry investment to gain profits. The global clean tech market is projected to grow over $3.3 trillion in 2022, taking up about 2% of the global gross domestic product. Canada provides a friendly environment for the enterprises to develop in clean tech industry in the federal initiatives and in the provincial initiatives, such as the Green Growth Hub, Sustainable Development Technology Canada Fund, Natural Resources Canada – Zero Emission Vehicle Infrastructure Program.

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