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The 5 Stages of Our Client's Journey

When a company decides to develop a new market in North America, it typically goes through five stages: exploring, starting, establishing and growing, expanding, and existing.

In the exploring stage, the company conducts market research to determine if there is a demand for its products or services in North America. It also evaluates the competition and identifies potential partners or distributors.

Once the company decides to enter the market, it moves to the starting stage, where it develops a market entry strategy and establishes a presence in the target market. This may include setting up a local office, hiring staff, and creating marketing campaigns tailored to the North American market.

In the establishing and growing stage, the company focuses on building its brand and growing its customer base. This may involve expanding its product line or services, creating strategic partnerships with other companies, and investing in marketing and advertising campaigns to increase brand awareness.

As the company gains a foothold in the market, it moves to the expanding stage, where it may explore opportunities to expand into new regions or markets within North America. This may involve opening new offices or warehouses, hiring more staff, and expanding its product or service offerings.

Finally, in the existing stage, the company focuses on maintaining its market share and realizing their investment. This may involve capital formation, business valuation, mergers & acquisition, private placement and Initial Public Offering.

In this Stage, We help you explore the North America market, build relationship and identify opportunities through our strategic networking evnets and meetings

Services Highlights:

  • Introduction to local government representatives​​

  • Networking Opportunities

  • On-site due diligent visits

  • Analysis of capital and funding opportunities

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